Thursday, September 30, 2010

As The World Keeps Spinning: Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time will never freeze...
         Life is so often taken for granted and if not life, it's the short amount of time we have to live that is. From experience I'm saying this with heart, "DON'T WASTE TIME." By wasting time there's so much you miss, you lose, and you never see. I sadly spent this year too focused on the fact that people are leaving me, rather then on the fact that I have time left with them to make memories and be happy. It's hard to know I wasted all that time, which can never be made up. And now, I'm one week from school ending. One week from 10 goodbyes. I have one week to try and make-up for 4 wasted months. REALITY...I can't make it up. I'll never get back what I lost, and it's hard to accept. There's so much in this world, so much that is taken for granted. We have so much to cheerish and so much to live for, and yet, we take it all for granted. I'm saying this to maybe open more peoples eyes. Just like mine have been opened in the past week. Sometimes we don't know what is wrong or how to fix it until somebody brings it up. At least, that's what happened with me. If I hadn't recieved a message recently from a certain un-nameable, I wouldn't have had the slightest realization of any of the things I'm writing about. I guess I can't really say there's a point to this message. I just really felt the need to write, to say something, and in return have someone listen. Friends and family are some of the most important things you'll ever come to find in this world. Even though we tend to not get along with our families or we sometimes get into arguments with close friends over stupid things, we need to hold on to those people. In the end, they're all you'll have. Your family and a few close friends, is it. In this world a lot of people are just in for themselves. So when you find someone that will be there for you, that cares, and that will help you through whatever it may be, HOLD ON.
     I've made some bad choices, but who hasn't? I've wasted time of which I shouldn't have, but once again, who hasn't? I've matured more then others my age. I've come to realize things that half the students in my school probably haven't. I've become stronger with every hardship that I have dealt with in my life. I see and understand life, in ways, better then almost anyone my age would. Losing people close to you, having people move away, etc. These are all things I've dealt with. All things that I currently am dealing with, but you know, I just have to learn to accept it's a part of life. And even though it's hard, there's no way to get around it if you can't accept it.
     Maybe this will help someone. Or perhaps it would make no difference at all. I wrote this to write, to help myself completely accept the reality of things. To know that not only am I on the inside accepting it but I can express and say so on the outside. The whole just of things, the message to try and imprint on ones mind is: "DON'T WASTE TIME." Once it's gone, you can never get it back. So surely if your reading this, think about it maybe, I know I have.
all for now.

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