Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Word Is Just A Word: Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Words, that's where you start I suppose, but it's so hard when they can't even line up straight in your head, let alone on a piece of paper.. All these thoughts swirling around and never ceasing. I can't even decide where to start, one thought is there and it is lost in the mess again by another thought that just had to pop in, which is soon blocked out by another that decided to pop in and that chain won't end. This makes it so hard to function..."It's like in that moment I couldn't breathe, move, I, along with my world, stood still and full of emptiness.." Right now that's a great description. I feel lost within the mess of my head and the mess of my world.

You know what though? All these thoughts, words, just make me think about the fact that "A word, is just a word, until you mean what you say." Lately I have been really thinking about that. I've been thinking about the fact that when asked 'how are you?' you initially say "good" or "okay", not thinking about the question, those are both very blunt answers which truly don't give a description to how you really are feeling. We block out the truth so often, we hide it in ourselves and play pretend, like our life is some act that just hasn't been written down on paper. It's written within you though. Most of the time, that's where it stays.

So much from the last two years has been on my mind, So often you can be told to "Foget the past." "Move on." With some things though, it is so hard, and i'm not sure some people really get the fact that I can't necessarilly move on, there is a lot within some situations, and with some people that I just can't drop it. I can't shove it off and act like it was never there. It was and it will always be. I think that often people just think that if you want to change you can and "TA DA" it's all better. Well that is not that reality of this.

I wonder if you are reading this. I wonder if we are still on the same page like we use to be. I wonder if you are still there in the same way you were freshmen year. I still talk to you. I just talked to you tonight actually, but I feel like something disappeared, like how it was, and is, are completely seperate then yet, exactly the same. It worries me, sometimes I feel like i'm going to lose you soon. It scares me really bad I just want you to say you ARE there, and that you aren't leaving me too. I can't lose you as well. I just couldn't handle that.

This is hard to continue to write about with my mind in such a haze, I got out what I think I needed. If not, I know that in this moment, it's all I can get out.

I Hope You're Happy Now: Sunday, July 19, 2009

I hope you're happy now.
I hope you realized what you've done.
I hope that the darkness envelopes you,
leaving you never ending thoughts of what you've become.
Maybe you'll get that feeling.
Perhaps you'll understand.
When left in the life of your loneliness I hope that you finally can.
I hope you're happy with yourself.
Deep inside you know that's all you have.
Yourself and your emptiness.
That's a good feeling huh?
Alone and abandoned,
you did it to yourself.
You act as if you're happy..
more than just myself can see it isn't true.
Sometimes I can't help but to feel sorry,
sorry for what you've done to you.
But I hope you're happy now,
with yourself and what you've become.

Trapped and Frozen in Time: Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I'm running, in the dark, i'm trying to escape, just get away. I feel trapped. But I go on, farther and farther, closer to my escape. Once I reach it though, were do I turn?

I feel stuck, i'm so confused on how i'm suppose to feel, confused on who to talk to, and i'm not having luck letting go. Why does it have to be so hard? Why is there so much more suffering, and grieving, but so little happiness? There's hardships through your entire life, and everyone experiences these in different ways starting at different times. When it comes to some of the hardships, some people will never get it, others will get it, but not experience the same situation, which also leads to little understanding.

You're in the fight for yourself, most of the time, you only are going to have a few close friends your whole life and that's it. So i've learned the hard way.. But i'm learning, i'm making it easier on myself, i'm going to be able to win this fight between myself, between the world..

Words..words..words, so much could be typed, so much that could be said..but i've come to a bump in the road I don't know what to say..So I freeze and leave it at this..

The Feeling That Dwells Inside: Thursday, November 20, 2008

I hate the feeling that dwells inside of me right now. I want to say something, always want to say something, but for some reason I open my mouth and the words dissapear, and I don't understand why.

  I can't sleep lately there's so much on my mind, so much running through my head by the second that I need to do something, so for some reason I resort to writing, to express myself to who knows who. As I sit and debate over each word, each key in which I'll stroke next, I begin to think, really deep. I mean to the point where I'm stuck in this whole other world, like I'm here but I feel like I'm not and everything is so distant when It's right in front of my face. So as I get farther and farther into my writing It's like a flow that comes from my subconscious mind. If that makes any sense. In a way I like it, that distant feeling of I'm here but completely gone at the same time. I know this probably comes across weird in some ways I'm sure no one's going to understand what I'm trying to say, in other ways I know many who will. This is were it comes back to my conscious mind, when I take in what everyone is saying, and then am immediately forced to say something without much thought, you can't pause for long periods before speaking throughout a whole conversation, It just doesn't work that way, but It's hard. I always try to think before I speak just because I don't want to say the wrong thing.
  This all comes back to the million thoughts running through my mind right now. What do I do when there's so much I want to say? How do I say any of this without being judged? Without feeling like everything I say is wrong in someway? I'm so stuck within this mental arguement, this debate between me and everything I say. I wonder if there's anyone who will even be able to answer these questions, at least aside from myself.
  I'm not sure exactly what sparked the writing of this, but I felt like I needed to say something. I needed to write to make my head feel sort of clearer. To know that this isn't all built up inside, but now, typed up on a page in which many others can read. In some weird way It makes me feel like It's not all completely left to be figured on my own, but now If someone reads this and has some words of advice I'll get it. It feels like I could take all I can get right now. I love getting others perspectives, opinions, and seeing how they're similar and completely different from mine. It makes me feel and understand more about just how many people actually deal with all of this and get what I'm saying.

  I suppose this feeling that's dwelling inside will die down with time, but for now I said what was needed, at least for the most part, so now I stop.


Within Thoughts and Time: Monday, July 21, 2008

I've had a lot of time to think today and last night. Last night I was injured, I have an immobilizer on my entire leg because I tore a ligament in my left knee. It's amazing how much can go through your mind when your laying in bed with your leg up and iced for eight hours. I always have things running through my mind, I'm always thinking. Which isn't neccessarily a bad thing, but not always good either. As most know, I've had quite a bit happen in my life, and a lot of it comes to mind often. Mentioning that, I had a friend ask me why I think about that stuff, and you know what I said: "It's not that I sit here and try to think about that kind of stuff, but when it's not just part of the past, and it's part of the present, it's hard to get out of my mind." The conversation pretty much ended there.  I have had so many people come in and out of my life. Between death, moving, and fights. Some of the losses are really hard and some are for the better. Today, someone I became close to this year, moved. See they finally got a job, something they've been needing, and I'm happy for them. But now something pulls at me, tugs at my thoughts. Some pretty serious stuff happened this year with me. This person was here and helped me through it all, along with Jenn. Now that he's gone, it really is getting to me. I thought it would of been harder the last time I saw him but for some reason it's getting to me bad right now. It feels like he's farther away then he's ever been before and I don't neccessarily mean in distance (those who know me will understand what I mean by that).
  I still have Jenn though, which helps even it out. I have lots of other people too..It's just hard for me right now and I don't know how to explain it to them....but Jenn understands..
  I've had other things going through my mind as well today. Like how when you take a chance to really just relax and watch the earth move around you, feel the air and watch the clouds as drift over head, it gives a feeling that is so amazing I can't explain it. I feel completely in tact with nature. Like, sometimes I feel when there's no where to go and I need to release and clear my mind, I'll go sit somewhere outside far away from people and just think. Think to myself of all my problems, the stress, and current things going on. In return I feel like someone's listening as if nature actually hears what I'm thinking, and it soothes me.  I feel relaxed and at peace with myself, and it helps so much. I don't relax much, it seems hard to in the world we live in now. But those few chances when I do, no matter how long, it really helps me.
  So, as things continuely change and my thoughts continue to overflow, It's nice to know where, and who I can go to. Whether it's just to talk, to think, or to have a shoulder to cry on. I have some very important people, and without them I wouldn't be doing as good as I am today. So even through the stress and problems, I know you all are always there and I thank and love you for it.

All for now.

As The World Keeps Spinning: Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time will never freeze...
         Life is so often taken for granted and if not life, it's the short amount of time we have to live that is. From experience I'm saying this with heart, "DON'T WASTE TIME." By wasting time there's so much you miss, you lose, and you never see. I sadly spent this year too focused on the fact that people are leaving me, rather then on the fact that I have time left with them to make memories and be happy. It's hard to know I wasted all that time, which can never be made up. And now, I'm one week from school ending. One week from 10 goodbyes. I have one week to try and make-up for 4 wasted months. REALITY...I can't make it up. I'll never get back what I lost, and it's hard to accept. There's so much in this world, so much that is taken for granted. We have so much to cheerish and so much to live for, and yet, we take it all for granted. I'm saying this to maybe open more peoples eyes. Just like mine have been opened in the past week. Sometimes we don't know what is wrong or how to fix it until somebody brings it up. At least, that's what happened with me. If I hadn't recieved a message recently from a certain un-nameable, I wouldn't have had the slightest realization of any of the things I'm writing about. I guess I can't really say there's a point to this message. I just really felt the need to write, to say something, and in return have someone listen. Friends and family are some of the most important things you'll ever come to find in this world. Even though we tend to not get along with our families or we sometimes get into arguments with close friends over stupid things, we need to hold on to those people. In the end, they're all you'll have. Your family and a few close friends, is it. In this world a lot of people are just in for themselves. So when you find someone that will be there for you, that cares, and that will help you through whatever it may be, HOLD ON.
     I've made some bad choices, but who hasn't? I've wasted time of which I shouldn't have, but once again, who hasn't? I've matured more then others my age. I've come to realize things that half the students in my school probably haven't. I've become stronger with every hardship that I have dealt with in my life. I see and understand life, in ways, better then almost anyone my age would. Losing people close to you, having people move away, etc. These are all things I've dealt with. All things that I currently am dealing with, but you know, I just have to learn to accept it's a part of life. And even though it's hard, there's no way to get around it if you can't accept it.
     Maybe this will help someone. Or perhaps it would make no difference at all. I wrote this to write, to help myself completely accept the reality of things. To know that not only am I on the inside accepting it but I can express and say so on the outside. The whole just of things, the message to try and imprint on ones mind is: "DON'T WASTE TIME." Once it's gone, you can never get it back. So surely if your reading this, think about it maybe, I know I have.
all for now.

Silence Now Shared: Thursday, February 14, 2008

 Silence Now Shared
That's all that's shared between us two
As I stare,
lost in my thoughts,
watching him intently.

No longer talking to one another,
I wonder what's running through his mind?
I hope he's not mad,
If so,
How mad is he.
I didn't do enough,
to make him hate me,
Did I?

I want to say something,
oh do I ever want to say something.
Yet, the words won't escape my mouth,
I just continue to stare,
I hope he will understand
I never meant to hurt him.
I was always trying to do the right thing,
always trying to be the right one,
the hero,
always caring,
and always there,
but now,
all there is,
is silence.
 -Kortnie Moore