Monday, October 4, 2010


I wonder all the time about everything. my mind never stops going. Which is both a blessing as much as it is a curse. I wonder what my dad would think if he saw me now. I wonder what you think as you're sitting there reading this. I like being my own person, but at the same time, I wonder about the outcomes of being a different someone. A new face in the crowd. It's weird in a sense, I understand that. I'm weird though. I'm not normal. Then again normal isn't really there. Everyone should belong in their own way BECAUSE of their differences. Not because they fall into the paths that people, society,  try to bound us to. That's just not how it works though. In order to function in the world you have to be able adjust to change. Change is the only constant. It's how it's always been. It's how will be for a long time...

I know with time you have to learn to adjust and move on. You have to be able to accept that you are
OKAY. Everyone comes to terms with this at different times. You have to realize that it's not you, you never did anything wrong. Your problems don't define you, they form you into the person you've become. Every hardship doesn't make you become weak, it builds you, makes you stronger.

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